What we Offer..

  •  Beginners program for all age groups
  •  Mini tennis for kids age group 4-12 years
  •  Private and semi private programs
  •  Advance and elite training programs for tournament players
  •  Foreign students exchange program
  •  NSTE tennis holiday coaching program
  •  NSTE touring team for tournament players/ Traveling coach for school team
  •  Organize and regulate the inter school of sports
  •  Internationally train coaching resources
  •  Scientifically developed training modules
  •  Use of modern training techniques
  •  Individual grooming of talent and report of trainee
  •  Special mental conditioning sessions for trainees
  •  Match Practice
  •  Individual attention by coaches
  •  Experience of Tournaments.

Starting from Age 6 years old

Set up for all levels

Latest techniques are used

Our coaches use latest techniques to train our students


Course Offerings

Private (1 to 1)

10 Sessions 



Semi-Private ( 2 to 1)

10 Sessions

Semi-Private (3 to 1)

10 Sessions

Semi-Private (4 to 1)

10 Sessions

Group Class ( 5 to 8 people)


Kids from age 4 to 10 years old

Teenagers from age 11 to 15 years old



Private 1 to 1

5 session


5 Session 2 to 1


5 Session 3 to 1 





5 Session 4 to 1


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Expand Our Academy

Expand our academy and to be the foundation sporting activity of choice within the Malaysian and International community for all ages and level of plays.


Provide Guidance

Provide guidance and strategic direction for tennis development by promoting positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle through community involvement in this sport


Provide Additional Support

Provide  additional support  to your sport’s event or as  the event organizer by organizing fun outdoor/street tennis for your employees


Creating Awareness

NSTE is creating awareness on tennis event which can be part of  inter-company tournament.


Promote Internationally

 NSTE is promoting tennis as an international sport among international  international companies in Malaysia.


Creating Awareness on Healthy Lifestyle

We are trying to create awareness on healthy ‘Out and About’ lifestyle   ‘Togetherness–Unity’ with Tennis  for all – diversity in age, race, level, country & etc


Services We Offer to….

For Individual


If you prefer individual attention, join our private lessons .Private or semi private  lessons  provide faster rate of improvements.Private Lesson is a one to one coaching session i.e. one coach to one student.

For Kids

This program is also tennis made affordable. It is an alternative to Private Lessons which is more costly. All the children in a family can take up the sport at very affordable rates.


This program is ideal for beginner to lower advance level players. The training is in a group lesson format which provides a conducive learning environment for young people. They can enjoy learning in a fun filled and competitive environment. 


What Our Students Say

Man Thang

I took up tennis seriously over the past 4 years and as I travel a lot around the world either for business or leisure, I make sure Tennis is in my itinerary. I will look for local coaches. Recently I fractured my wrist and on my makan trip to Penang, I decided to look for a local coach. Being a double back hand player, I wanted to take this opportunity to learn how to do a decent single backhand and that’s how I found Nikesh through none other than my good old friend Google.

Nikesh is very different from a lot of coaches I’ve engaged over the years simply because he loves tennis, he’s acquired a wealth of experience playing in world class tournaments, he continues to learn to master the game and with this as his strength, he optimises our sessions by listening to want we want to achieve and observes our potential of what we can do. In just 7 hours of intense coaching over the period of 3 days, I managed to make killer shots with my single backhand with just simple methods taught by Nikesh. If anyone wants to continuously improve their tennis and enjoy the game, I highly recommend Nikesh and I’ll definitely be visiting Penang more often for the right reasons!

Simon Ng

Kuala Lumpur

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