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Frequently Asked

How long takes for the player to improve?

It depends on how much effort the students put in outside from the training classes. The more practice the more faster you improve.

Can we get private coach to our residential area?

Yes, it is possible but it is upon availability of coach. There is extra charges for personal coaching to your residents.

Do you provide any discounts if I recommend any friends / family members?

Yes, we provide 5% discount to the person who refer.

What does your exclusive app does?

The app provide information on attendance, performances, post & news and reward & offer.

High performance training for international studentsents sign up

Providing part time & full time training for build high profile player to achieve high ranking in the national & internationally.

High performance tennis training with education

Provide English  language tutor. Provide highly comprehensive english or IGSCE.

Online English Tutoring

We provide online english training for those who can’t travel. Make the class more conducive.